Kimi to Boku Episode 11

Sugar Baby, Fly Baby

Liam’s still without a computer, so i’m covering for him again.

Following on from last weeks graduation ceremony, the group’s now third years, in the final year of high school. Everyone’s changed class, and the sports festival is coming up as the cherry blossems are in bloom again.

With the new class change, Mary’s been given a new chance to finally get in with some new friends, as the first person she notices is Yuki’s fanboy from the manga club. After that, we pretty much jump straight into getting to see the sports matches, as we witness Shun act very strangely out of character as a volleyball pro, along with the brothers kicking some ass as their competative streak flares up.

Rather oddly, I find myself thinking that Matsushita(Yuki’s fanboy) and Mary make a really unique pair, both pairing a pair of people completly smitten with one of the group together to let them grow a little more. It’s a rather unique take on the standard formula, but adding some background and some story onto Mary really helped to bring the romance from Mary’s perspective to life, along with giving Yuki something to try hard for.

It wasn’t the romance episode I hoped for, but I thought that the aspect of giving everyone more of a “senior” role to impress the underclassmen this episode really made a nice taste on the regular format the show’s got.


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