Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 10

It’s Not Puzzle Time!

The episode starts in a rather odd fashion, with everyone who was all tired out from the Orpheus Order saying they’ve had enough of puzzles, and Nonoha instantly taking the oppertunity to try to make them live a normal life. Ah, Nonoha…you might as well give up.Why don’t you go make friends with Elena, who’s decided to tranfer into the school with you to keep you company as a fellow genius girl? I’m sure that you can be like her, chanting in front of crowds and acting overly cutesy.

So, thanks to Nonoha’s hard work, everyone goes to a southern island to celebrate Elena’s transfer. That said, I do feel for Nonoha slightly, trying to get a bunch of nerds to relax and play on the beach whilst keeping them away from puzzles, computers or well,anything that they shouldn’t be doing…and as they go stir crazy, seeing puzzles everyone where there aren’t puzzles. Withdrawl symptoms, Phi Brain style.Mimi’s best to ask about withdrawl symptoms, but i’m sure Mimi doesn’t start seeing Iskander or blond bishies every time she goes a week without anime…well, I wouldn’t put it past her.

The entire episode was a vast comedy centred episode about trying to get nerds to relax, and i’m sure that anyone watching this show will understand fully just how serious withdrawl symptoms are…me? I just mock people who suffer from withdrawl symptoms, as I spent this episode laughing at how ridiculous it was to start solving non existant puzzles…and how we feel sorry for Nonoha.Poor Nonoha, your tropical beach time turned into puzzle camp time…-pat pat- Anyway, this looks like it continues next week…surprisingly.


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