Tsuritama Episode 10

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Tsuritama finally hits the top of it’s airtime…with the calm before the storm episode. Huh?

In the last 9 episodes, it’s all about being the characters and getting the characters prepared for this very event. And now that it’s come, the characters are far from stupid or clueless, and pull things off with extreme style, comedy and some rather moving moments from the annoying alien.

But yeah, with Yuki out the picture for the majority of the time, the side-characters had to shine, and be it Yamato’s yoga or his crazy driving, they really shone in the episode, giving a few chuckles and a smile here and there. And that’s just part of the build-up.

The other half of the show spend it’s time giving Yuki a lesson in fishing, and we finally get to see just what that’s all about as even the elite organisation, DUCK, has trouble with JFX. That’s not because DUCK is a stupid organization of filled with idiots, it’s genuinly because they managed to make the monster seem realisticly threatening without god-moding any characters so far.

Tsuritama’s never going to be one of my favourite Noitamina shows, but at least it’s finally pulled it’s socks up and got onto what all that build-up was for…and it was all worth the result.


One thought on “Tsuritama Episode 10

  1. With the way things are going, Tsuritama is sure to be on my top favorites! But that depends on the final episode.

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