Hyouka Episodes 8 & 9

Let’s Go To the Screening!
Furuoka Ghost Town Murder Case 

Hah, colour me impressed. Mentions of Knox and Van Dine in the same episode, even over a simple movie which wasn’t finished. The premise is simple, a club shoots a mystery for a summer project, the scriptwriter falls ill and doesn’t finish it, and the classics club gets a request to find the answer to the mystery that’s only been partly finished. I…was interested here from the moment Knox and Van Dine were mentioned. Here’s half a mystery that follows all the rules, find the answer for us. But thanks to Houtarou scaring the requestee off, they end up just sitting on a discussion of the mystery at hand, a discussion between the assistant director, the props master and the publicity manager of the film they were asked to solve. So obviously, being an amazing detective, I rewatched it twice and worked it out in my mind. No, to me, it was far more interesting to see the amatuar’s coming up with terrible solutions and Chitanda getting tipsy off whisky chocolates.

Seriously, it’s like these people weren’t even trying to solve the mystery. A group split up exploring an empty mansion, and when they get back together, one person was missing. After hunting for the missing person, they find him dead with an arm chopped off inside of a locked room. The first solution is nothing more than drama, it was a locked room trick about a window, yet the classics club stole my job of shooting that idea down. So that gets a failing mark. Just look at Van Dine’s First: The story must be solveable. All clues must be plainly stated and described, Van Dine’s Second: No deceptions can be pulled on the reader other than those played on the detective and Knox’s Eighth: The case may not be resolved by clues that aren’t presented. It was never shown that the grass could have been a blind spot in the planning, as it clearly was too tall to have grown up in a pair of months.

Next theory on the debunking table, the Props Manager.This guy wasn’t actually half bad, he’d already reasoned that the master key and the door was untouchable. So…he throws the proposterous idea that they scaled the outside wall, and entered and exited the window that way. I don’t feel like I should need to quote here, but Houtarou was dead on with debunking that theory. Next, the publicity manager. A seventh person? How ridiculous. Van Dine’s Tenth: The culprit must have been prominent in the story and Knox’s 1st, The culprit cannot be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the movie. I enjoyed their take on things, but all those theories were as crazy as Chitanda, and it’s up to the relectunt progantist to solve it. Even though I already know he’s got the solution, haha. It’s obvious when you stop to think about it.


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