First Impressions: Pokemon: Best Wishes 2

Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 Anime

Starting off by wrapping up the last thread from Best Wishes, Satoshi goes up against his last gym in the first episode of Best Wishes 2. Since he’s got Iris travelling with him, Drayden was probably out of the question, so he goes to Virbank City to fight Roxie, a new gym leader in B2/W2.

It doesn’t start off by giving Roxie a very nice reputation. With the Pokemon Centre remarking on how ruthless Roxie is, and even the  Meloetta that’s following the trio looking concerned, Roxie and her D-O-G-A-R-S (inside joke) seem to be hated by a lot of people. I’ve never seen a gym match this built up, and if that wasn’t enough, Team Rocket gets a little sinister when they start talking about Meloetta and the way that they’re stalking it relentlessly.

Upon actually starting the gym, the first thing that strikes me is that it’s nice that they kept part of Roxie’s nature and even her gym layout with the punk nature of it: A venomous gym, with venomous people and the venomous personality of Roxie. The battle starts with Roxie using 3, and Satoshi using 6. I have to applaud the way that the confidence Roxie carries in her Pokemon was displayed around across the battle, I didn’t think they’d be able to manage to make it seem tense when it’s a 3 on 6.The fact that they spent 14 minutes working on making the atmosphere in the gym probably helped this, with Roxie’s Dogars thrashing Gantle. For a poison type to beat the sturdy rock type…it was impressive.Up next is Kenhallow vs Dogars, and you don’t need me to say that it went the same way. After the first hit, Kenhallow was poisoned and battered by Smog even further.A short time later, and it’s already 4-3. Being at a clear disadvantage, some clever tactics later with Hakahamori’s string shot brings it to 4-2. And this, the first part of the gym battle comes to a crashing end.

The second half puts a prompt end to Hahakomori, with Pendror finishing up with toxic, rock tomb and sludge bomb.

Things went the same way pretty quickly, with Chaoboo being infected by toxic, but managing to take Pendror down at the last moment. With it being 3 against 1, with Chaoboo pretty worn out, Roxie’s nature kept making things a pleasure to watch. With the last Pokemon on her team being a Dustdas, the Pokemon of trash bags, it was merely a matter of time until Chaoboo went down, being crushed, sat on and slapped. A hyper beam later, and things went 2-1, with Roxie retaining her confidence and the flow of the battle. Gamagaru up next, with some cleverly played poison moves in Gunk Shot and Venoshock putting an end to it before it gets a chance to even start the fight. With a one on one fight left, and Roxie’s Dustdas in perfect condition, the fight between the two was actually really fascinasting to watch, even when you consider how ridiculously powerful his Pikachu is. For the first time, it’s actually been a battle that’s evenly matched, even for the ridiculously powerful Pikachu.

With Thunderbolt and Quick Attack having failed to weaken it, and Pikachu being poisoned and slapped around by consecutive doubleslaps, the match is over sadly all too qickly, after Static taking it’s toll and making Electro Ball a killer move. With Pikachu becoming incapacitated straight after the battle’s conclusion, the best gym match comes to an end all too soon. I’ve watched almost every series of Pokemon, and the battle against Roxie was by far the best one i’ve seen.

Ugh, Dusk’s rubbing off on me…this is way too long for a first impression. 



4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Pokemon: Best Wishes 2

  1. I haven’t watched pokemon in years… but does barely winning a 6 on 3 earn people badges these days? Doesn’t exactly sound like bragging material…

    • It’s far from bragging material, especially when you get thrashed by poison types, out of anything xD

      It was nice to see him get thrashed more than anything, but when he had that “Is this all my power?” sad moment it was obvious he’d win.

      • Best Wishes is a reset, right? Ash is doomed to forever wander over the world and struggle with countless gym leaders without ever becoming master ;). Serves him right, though, for leaving his starters behind all the time and giving preferential treatment to that level 99 pikachu of his :P.

        • Yeah, it’s a reset. No past Pokemon and he lamed his Pikachu at first. Team Rocket went back to being villains instead of comedic relief and he’s got a pair of unique companions (not another Misty wannabe).

          I’m not sure what this series is doing, though. I’ve seen Cynthia and Platinum appear in trailers, so i’m not sure if it’s going out of the reset or whatever :_:

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