Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 12

The Minotaur Calls

A pretty odd build-up episode, it touched on the comedy routes of Phi Brain, along with showing some of the more forgotten elements, as Rook shows his face where he’s investigating the Orpheus Order, and Jikugawa gets his turn in the spotlight.

The entire episode was filled with death flags, as he wonders what he’s doing, resigns from the council and mopes around a little, before going back to the place we first saw Kaito. I don’t know if it was already shown, but we find out he was Minotaur, the person who put Kaito on this journey, and well…he gets ‘trapped’ by the Orpheus Order and puts on a new make of the armlet.

I make it sound pretty uneventful, and it was. It was great to see Rook and Bishop again, and I hope they return to the spotlight, but I don’t like the way Jikugawa acted this time around. It felt all stiff and forced, and as much as I love the focus on a side character, I didn’t like it being done like this.


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