Kimi To Boku 2 Episode 13

Navel and Dignity

Sorry about being away! I had to move a few weeks ago, and then during the move my computers power supply got busted. Working on getting that fixed. Enough of that and let’s get started.

Shun is a very lovable character. He’s sweet, kind, and gentle. His character is played out really well. You don’t find many feminine guys played as a normal guy that just prefers sweet things. Most of the time guys that are portrayed as feminine are for comedical purposes. He’s different. He cares, and has a motherly nature with his friends. He may struggle with some things in life, like picking a career as he’s kinda care free. But, we all will.

Over time, everyone grows up and matures. Most people figure out what they want to do, and it’s not strange to see someone who’s older figure out what they’d like to do in life. My parents still don’t really know what they want to do in life. My mom is 33 and just finds a job to support the family. This episode really shows that teenagers may have a hard time figuring out what they want to do, and some find out very quickly. I, myself am studying culinary arts. Even in highschool you’ll notice many people saying one thing, and it quickly changing later on.

The Tea club Shun joined teaches dignity and respect. That is a beautiful club to be in. Every child should be in a tea club if it teaches that. There’s so many ignorant people in todays society. Chizuru should definitely be in that club. He seems really rude at times xD or at least, not very educated. It’s interesting that tea can lead to respect, and the likes. I drink it because it tastes good.

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