Hyouka Episode 10

What No One Noticed

Alright, Alex entrusted this show to me.

What’s a van dine. (⊙‿⊙✿)

Who knew all it took to get Oreki worked up were a few little words explaining how he’s such a special little snowflake. Irisu manages to motivate the slacker with a choice speech, one which I actually have a very poignant example to go along with. While Alex attempts his very best to write long blog posts, there will always be Dusk who is just naturally very adept at it. When asked how she manages it, she replies that “They’re not really that long”. Alex who toils away endlessly is emotionally crushed. The end.

That is one of my favorite stories. (◡‿◡✿)

Oreki downright gives Satoshi and Mayaka a heart attack for being at school voluntarily during vacation, but hey, at least they’re both sharp enough to realize Irisu was the one who motivated Oreki, tingling his latent detective skills. While up to this point all Satoshi has displayed in relation to these skills is a level of admiration and some mixed feelings, I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s shown any true jealously on the matter. Even his comment on Mayaka having the potential to surpass him in Sherlockia…nism is in the same vein. Coming from his mouth, I oddly feel inclined to believe it, but good to see Oreki exert even more additional effort and reassure the guy.

As for what we’ve been waiting for, namely Oreki’s deduction, it’s an interesting one. It’s certainly an answer that would surprise the crowd, and personally I enjoy “think outside the box” solutions like this. Yet the very reason I dismissed it when I thought of it myself was the rope discrepancy, in that the rope strong enough to carry a human was never used. Haba’s fumous face does fill me with glee though. In the context of what was filmed, Oreki’s answer is a right one since the rope was never presented in the film itself, but it may not be THE right one, the answer thought out by Hongou. Now that the mystery has an answer, seems we’re shifting towards what Hongou’s actual intentions were, thus the true conclusion to the arc.

Honestly, for all I know, the answer Oreki deducted may or may not be the right one. I’m not used to mysteries like the previous blogger for the show, but I’ll try to connect the dots to the best of my ability~


3 thoughts on “Hyouka Episode 10

    • It was easy since you’re talented, you fit the scene perfectly.
      It’s also one of my many policies to never miss a chance to take a jab at Alex. (⊙‿⊙✿)

      But feel free to check Hyouka out Dusk, it’s not half-bad. It’s a really easy going mystery, if something like that even exists, so it’s not that hard to get into.

      • LoL Well, thanks for the compliment^^
        Yeah, I was half-joking there but I do intend on checking it out. I think I’ll pick it up after watching Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

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