The Legend of Korra episodes 9-12

Out of the Past
Turning The Tides
Skeletons In The Closet
End Game

*rises back from the dead*

First off, I’m sorry that I got so far behind on Korra. I had some personal things to tend to, such as…replacing my air conditioner system so that I don’t melt from this ever-rising heat. You guys are an easily forgiving crowd, right?  Right. ^_^ After watching all of the remaining episodes, I decided to lump them in one pile of kick-butt. Seriously, what a bold, action-packed finale this was. And I think I owe Asami an apology… Beware of spoilers ahead. Or shall I say old news. :3

I left off when Tarlock fought and kidnapped Korra, and I wished that Amon would get to him already. Well, it turns out that I got my wish pretty quickly. It’s ironically thanks to Amon’s men that Korra gets away, and Amon takes Tarlock’s bending just like that. Yep. Not even bloodbending is that effective against him. While that indeed felt satisfying, the next few episodes just had to make me feel all sorry for Tarlock. *sigh*

Regarding Korra’s visions, Aang was simply trying to warn her about Tarlock. It might not be a very helpful warning at this point, but it does connect to an interesting backstory for him, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Amon’s next big move is to capture the air temple. Korra and Mako sneak inside and make a surprise discovery—Tarlock sitting behind bars. Now this is where the story gets juicy. Tarlock explains that Amon is actually his brother *le gasp~!* and he is also a water/blood bender. Somehow, he uses bloodbending to take away bending. We get to see a cool flashback of how they grew up, once happy little children, before they received harsh training from their father. It turns out that their father was Yukon, the evil-looking man in Korra’s visions. Basically, he did some bad stuff and got his bending taken away by Aang before retreating to the water tribe. Yukon wanted revenge and intended to make his sons do it for him. I bet fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender enjoyed seeing the grown-up-Aang in action, eh?

It comes as no surprise to me that Amon was a prodigy. On the flip side, Tarlock was considered the weak one because he was so kind-hearted. How did they turn out to be capable of such cruel stuff? Well, Yukon forced them to use bloodbending on helpless animals… *rage!!!* …and eventually on each other. When they couldn’t take it anymore, Amon left to do his own thing. The story about his father getting killed by a firebender was completely made up…not that I trusted him or anything. So yeah,Yukon shaped them into who they are. What a shame, because they were adorable kids. D: See? Sympathy is just pouring out of me.

However…I still rooted for Korra all the way, of course. Amon simply had to take responsibility for his actions. He almost takes airbending away from Tenzin and his children, and he gets Lin Bei Fong…  His next victim? Korra, which is a pretty bold move for the show to pull. Fortunately, she still has airbending which was forced from Mako being in trouble, and they take Amon down. He’s finally exposed in front of all of his followers to be a waterbender. (ugh he looks so weird without his mask on!) At the end, Amon escapes with Tarlock to the ocean, where Tarlock blows them up on a ship. Wow…how dark for a Nick show. The end part with Korra, however, is so…Disney-esque. She gets her bending back, gives Lin Bei Fong earthbending, hooks up with Mako, and they live on happily ever after. ^_^

Despite the cheese and some forced story points, Korra has been a very entertaining ride throughout. It’s so charming that I can’t complain much, plus it’s definitely not your average Nick show. I’d even say that it had the most memorable characters/teamwork and action from all the shows I watched last season. (one small exception: Fate/zero, of course!) Now where is season 2? And which brave soul will dare to challenge Meelo’s fartbending? xD


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