Tsuritama Episode 12

Goodbye Fishing

With shows like Tsuritama, the ending was always going to be the worst part. How do you close off an adventure series properly? I appreciate the effort, but well…let’s just say the “Beat the badguy, say goodbye, return 6 months later” scenario doesn’t float my boat.

The characters and the originality are what carried the show, and what made the ending work. That big evil dragon is just a shy, flitty person and Haru transforms into a fish.  The drama around the characters worked nicely, and the whole “life goes on” thing made it all good. My only question would be why they returned…is there another dragon in a river somewhere?

Short post, but I don’t want to talk about the show since that’s saved for a review. The ending was solid, but for a show about dodging cliche’d scenarios, it let a big fish go with that final five minutes.

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