Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 13

Forbidden Fruit

Up until he bowed out of the stage, I never really understood Jigukawa. He seemed to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, and acted like someone pulling the strings from the background until the end.I…have a feeling that we havn’t seen the last of him at all.

Hell, the entire conflict between Kaito and Jigukawa in this episode showed just how little I understood of him, with the bombs, the puzzle and his amazing ability as a solver and a giver.Could it have been that he had some problems over the Phi Brain selection? He very much acted like he wanted to be a Phi Brain in this episode, from the very moment the ring started to consume him.

You get to know a lot more about the rings and how to counter them, though, so it wasn’t completly pointless. The rings become pointless when you’ve “lost”, or when you believe that you’ve lost. That’s why anyone consumed by one does everything they can desperately until the very end, because when the ring smashes, you’re brought crashing down to reality.

Gotta give props to that scene at the end, though. Whilst I didn’t get much of it, it was very clear that the Orpheus Order is going back onto the warpath, with improved rings to amuse the person in charge. Oh yeah, and Rook makes a proper return next week, where he joins up with Kaito from the look of the preview.


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