Update: Layout Change

As of today, July 3rd, Meeping Anime is going to undergo a huge make-over. Expect weird things to happen as we experiment, like pictures getting cut off, floating in space, ugly font, and so on. In the long run, we aim to create the best design we’ve ever had, so please bear with us~ ^_^

July 4th, 07:41 AM (GMT): Excuse us, but for a couple of hours the site will have no header. Such is needed for proper preview purposes on the new design, so please bear with us.

July 4th, 1:52 PM (GMT): The background image is now gone as well. Once again, we apologize for any inconveniences.

July 4th, 11:57 PM (GMT): It’s done. Mostly, at least. Expect a new background soon (like tomorrow or after tomorrow) and also a couple of new features we’ll be adding with time.

July 5th, 08:53 AM (GMT): Noticed some slight bugs on the layout. The blue bar showing the author and date isn’t big enough to fit months like December (fixed), the categories and comment icons on the posts themselves are still underlined in orange when hovering, despite the words being in blue, and the category information when you click a certain category in the right menu is still unformatted (fixed). This serves mostly as a reminder to myself, but also as an apology to any readers who might notice these little issues. I’ll be working on fixing it today, along with the new background (an awful one for now), though don’t expect it too soon, since I have to go to Lisbon for a college scholarship appliance today.

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