Hyouka Episode 11

End Credits of the Fool

Everybody goes wonky when Houtaro’s answer doesn’t please them in the right way. Satoshi is exasperate, Mayaka actually seems sympathetic, and some dumb jerk is using my freakin’ smilies (ಠ‿ಠ✿)

With all three of Houtaro’s buddies, we get to see them put the detective down turn by turn. Each blow feels surprisingly crushing, almost discomforting to have Houtaro built up so high just to have him knocked down. Mayaka’s complaint last week was easily the clearest of them all, but Satoshi’s dissatisfaction stems from something I couldn’t see coming. As I’m not all that familiar with Doyle’s work, the lack of tricks within the narrator’s role is an interesting point. Hongou likely couldn’t have done anything like this, although in the grand scheme it doesn’t mean much besides proving that Houtaro is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Chintanda’s complaint serves more to what I figured we’d progress with this week, Hongou’s role and rhyme in all of this. Now I just wish they’d show the same level of concern for Houtaro, with how rough he’s taking the blows to his spirit.

The guy can’t even return to his energy saving niche with the real truth still at large. His arrival at it and tirade given to Irisu is splendid, the most emotion we’ve ever gotten out of Houtaro. His anger in being coldly manipulated is only matched by the disappointment in himself, allowing himself to become a false detective. I’m surprisingly moved by his outburst, it’s a totally different Houtaro from what I’ve been exposed to before. That might be the case with most all the characters this episode, which is what made it work so well. A little life was blown into them this time ’round. This entire movie arc finished up much stronger than what I expected it to. A pleasant surprise.

As for the chat Irisu participates in… well, anything I have is just conjecture, but it’s certainly veeeeery suspicious.


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