First Impressions: Kokoro Connect

A Story That Had Already Begun Before Anyone Realized It

Here we’ve got a slice-of-life/comedy series that’s quite different than usual. Brought to us by Silver Link, and sporting rather high production values, as one can definitely see by the nice animation quality, it tackles a staple after school club setting… with one interesting twist.

The premise of five friends ending up in each other’s bodies is definitely an unusual one. Whether it could work for me or not would be heavily dependent on how they’d handle the body swaps. Thankfully, in this first episode, there wasn’t much perversion besides the natural curiosity I’m sure everyone would feel while finding themselves in a body of the opposite sex. The episode was more focused in the mindset of the five friends who comprise the main cast, and how they were trying to come to terms with the unbelievable phenomenon that happened to them. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t try to deny such “impossible” thing for as long as possible? It’s hard not to do so unless you really have irrefutable proof. Which they did, having passed through the experience themselves. Well, all except for Inaba, who, due to both that and her more skeptical nature, is the last one to accept the unexplainable happenings.

The characters consist in a group of friends: three girls and two boys. I didn’t find it a bad cast, though it’s still hard to say due to this being the first episode, meaning there is only an introduction to their personalities, not actual character development. My favorite so far is definitely Taichi, an honest and calm guy, contrasting with the rowdy Yoshifumi, that annoyed the hell out of me with his idiotic confession to Yui. It’s a funny thin how boys take the extremes of my character preference list for the premiere. Overall, the characters are nice and likeable, and could become a strong cast, depending on the amount of character development.

The thing that seems to separate Kokoro Connect from other slice-of-life shows, though, is the existence of a definite plot. I think it would be accurate to say that there must be a reason for their body swaps, as strange as that reason may be. In fact, if there isn’t, this will get a very poor rating from me. As to the cause of such phenomenon, it’ll probably be a recurring issue, the solving of which I will look forward to.

The OP and ED were so-so, but Silver Link rarely disappoints in the visual department, even if this show does lack the kind of creativity BakaTest had, for example. But overall, everything looks pretty good, from the characters to the nice backgrounds.

In sum, Kokoro Connect is definitely not something to write home about, but it still holds a good potential as a mystery comedy in a slice-of-life setting. As to whether it develops or not, it is something yet to be seen. I’ll definitely keep watching this, but it is one title I won’t be covering this season.


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