Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 14

The Demon Returns

I’d like to start this post talking about something rather odd, actually. I’ve watched every one of the new premieres (After waking up at 5am just to do so! >>) and oddly enough, I still think that Phi Brain is going to be the show that i’ll enjoy the most. The creative vibes that’ve gone into the show, the characters and the atmosphere that’s been managed to develop over the last 30ish episodes result in something that’s world-building. Obviously, having the extra time to develop it’s characters and the like have obviously helped in this shows favour, but I stand by my belief that even the wonderful Sword Art Online isn’t going to beat this show, if the indications of what’s been left to come are even relatively true.

I mean, the director behind this show is a genius. He turned something as simple as solving puzzles into such an amazing premise and a great show, and even though it doesn’t seem like he spends the time, he’s developed all of his characters without wasting any of the airtime. He’s created an amazing world in Phi Brain, and the OP’s possibly just as amazing…it’s easily one of the best OP’s i’ve seen for a year or so (I actually turn the volume up when the OP starts :L).So bearing all of this in mind, i’ve been slightly let down by the direction that Phi Brain 2’s gone lately, and even more disapointted in the fact that people havn’t even heard of this show or given it a chance; and those that have gave up without letting it really shine. I had hopes that the second half would solve all of this…

And low and behold, this episode is where things really start to kick off. With the former head of the POG appearing in front of the crushed and shattered members of the Orpheus Order and calling himself their leader, he forces himself into a position where they’ll follow him after he goes through a period of dramatically revealing his motives and reasons for revenge againt Kaito. Wouldn’t it be Rook he wanted revenge against, though..? The problem that i’m going to have is that now that the Orpheus Order have been turned into “Not-So-Bad-Guys-Who-Need-Saving”, they can’t exactly act evil anymore without just appearing rather pitiful…especially Freecell. Well; that is, until Freecell hears the truth behind the order and behind Klondike…and that thing was something so dramatic that it enabled him to pull himself together. I can’t begin to imagine just what that was, or why it’s so amazingly moral-restoring, but I can only begin to imagine the possibilities.

Moving straight onto Hilbert (the new leader of the Order), he starts his quest against Kaito by kidnapping Elena and forcing Nonoha into the frey as someone who’ll compete agaisnt two of the most brainwashed people that the Order has. In that sense, the Nonoha build-up episodes weren’t pointless at all; since it looks like the Order knows that she’s the weakest link and plan to exploit that; just like what they did in this episode…until Rook came to the rescue.Rook Banjo Crossfield was the best character from last season, and the best developed character…it’s obvious that any episode with him in it was going to be brilliant. And obviously, where Rook goes, Bishop goes with him. For the duration of the puzzle, I had my fingers crossed that Rook and Bishop would stay with Kaito, now that the Order’s taken a step up…so I found myself pretty disapointted when it looked like Rook wouldn’t be staying, since he said he was only “delivering” something. However, if he’s delivering himself then it’s all good…I find it hard to believe taht the creators don’t know that Rook’s the best character in the show.

The ending, though. Freecell’s turned from damsel in distress to villain again pretty quickly, but I wonder just why he’s the only one who doesn’t have a fake ring, and why Klondike’s got a mission just for him.Then again, any doubt that Rook wouldn’t be staying disappeared when I watched the OP; he’s taken the place of Jikugawa. I guess next week will show if Phi Brain’s going to sink or swim in it’s final half…and all the signs point to the victory march. -crosses fingers-


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