First Impression: Rinne no Lagrange S2

Rinne no Lagrange S2

Rinne no Lagrange is…a strange mecha anime that is surprisingly entertaining. The first thing that many people think is that it’s going to be filled with fan service, but I assure you that it’s not that bad. What usually makes fan service annoying are the constant jokes about it. This is not one of those types of shows…thankfully. I don’t mind a joke here and there. =P

So why do I think this anime is strange? Well, the three main mecha pilots (or Vox pilots) are girls from different planets, defending the Earth against other aliens. It’s just not something that you see everyday. The main character, Madoka, appears to be your ordinary, energetic girl and proud member of the Jersey club. In S1, she recruited two alien girls, Lan (princess of La Garite), and Muginami (from a rebel group called KISS). They became good friends, but serious issues emerged between Muginami and the others because her “prince” is pretty much everyone’s enemy. Now she wants to kill Madoka?! *gasp* What makes the show work well for me is all the character drama, accompanied by an awesome soundtrack. I never really get bored watching.
Needless to say, I am looking forward to the second season. S1 hinted towards an interesting role for Astelia, and I still want to know about the horrible fate that awaits all Vox pilots…

5 thoughts on “First Impression: Rinne no Lagrange S2

      • 50 cents you WILL like it! =D Er, well, I’m not that confident… -_- This show is definitely not for everyone. But you just gotta love the soundtrack. :3

        • Ah, I’ll give it a try. But if I don’t you’ll have to hand feal87 50 cents xD Being a bit more serious, it really doesn’t hurt trying, though I have a couple of higher priorities right now.

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