Hyouka Episode 12

Practically Piled to the Ceiling

Globaru actiooooon, globaru actioooon~~!!

Living in a country without the word ”club” sucks. They can be lame and embarrassing, but at least you’d have a group of people to be lame with. Aaah. You’re so lame Satoshi, so incredibly super lame. Now here we are, the big Kanya Festa with every club hustling and bustling about, the very same school festival where the Hyouka anthologies are meant to be sold.

I openly admit I forgot all about it.

There seems to be a problem with that however, as Mayaka mistakenly placed an order for 200 copies rather than something reasonable. So the Classics Club divides up to sell as many anthologies as possible. Mayaka, more than sorry, takes her place in the manga society in her Frol cosplay, Chitanda is distracted by absolutely everything as she tries to get the anthologies more visibility, Satoshi completely forgets his advertising duty as he watches horrible comedy routines, and Oreki does jack all watching over the booth while discovering his true calling as a circus seal.

All the high energy of the festival makes for a nice lighthearted start to this Kanya Festa story; the assembly hall is lined up with dance and comedy performances, the Karuta club holding games in the hallway, and what seems to be an a capella club singing outside. You even see plenty of strange costume individuals running about, other than the cosplayers. Oreki himself meets one as he makes his first, and so far only, sale of the day to the man with the happiest shoes in the world.

As far as the episode goes, nothing particularly happened beyond showing off the festival and Chitanda running around like a lost child,  so there honestly isn’t much to say, but for what it’s worth, it was still enjoyable. Course, with this atmospheric set-up out of the way, time to move on. Let’s see if some incident occurs which puts the Classics Club in the fore front. Who knows, Oreki’s sister is in town, might be even she’ll show up to spice things up.


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