Hunter x Hunter Episode 37 and 38

Ging x and x Gon

Reply x From x Dad

Returning from Heaven’s Arena, Gon and Killua arrive on Whale Island, home of the former. Here the two dangerous and capable heroes are treated to a warm meal, a warm bath, and a heavenly warm smile courtesy of Mito. The motherfigure certainly is motherly, despite not even being the real mother, a fact which nags at her mind. Not only did she have the boy dumped on her by the irresponsible older brother, but having spent so much time with the child and growing into the role of his mother, it scares her as Gon continues to explore his roots more and more. What will he think if he discovers his biological mother, heck, what does he consider her currently?

Thankfully Gon is the child he is. As the sun hits the horizon, the two kids gallivanting about the island slow down and begin to talk about the future. While Gon has his goal of meeting his father, Killua has nothing beyond wanting to stay away from his freaky family. As far as that goes, it’s not much of a goal. But Gon being his very first friend, and vice versa, the two agree to stick together, Killua searching for a goal as they travel. It’s a straightforward moment, but I appreciate the ability to treat these unique kids as still just kids.

Continuing the conversation into Gon’s goal, we really get a look into how the boy ticks. He’s very aware of how his own actions may affect others, feeling guilty as to even ask Mito about his biological mother. And as far as he’s concerned, Mito is the one and only mother he has. So that’s that. Thanks to convenient timing on Mito’s part, she manages to hear all she had to set her mind at rest. Which is exceedingly convenient as she’s willing to speak more about Ging. Who we pretty much learn does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He was a spectacle, from what we can tell a regular little bundle of charisma. And after he left Whale Island, he only came back ten years later to deliver Gon. That, and the no-good dad left behind a small box to give Gon if he ever passed the Hunter exam. Sure knows his own genes well.

The curious thing about the box though, is that there’s no clear way to open it. But given the requirement of passing the Hunter Exam, it’s clear enough it’s something he must have gained after completing it. That is to say, Nen. Just further application on all the uses Nen can have, the box is made of parts which react to Nen, breaking the contraption apart immediately once some Nen is applied. Well, what is in the box? The old matryoshka doll trick; an even smaller box! Thankfully this new box has actual contents. We’ve got a strange ring with a similar to the Nen reacting box, a memory card of some sort, and a cassette tape.

“Do you want to see me?”

And without muddling his intentions at all, Ging’s message to Gon is as straightforward as can be. Without a single falter in his words, he declares how he’s a no-show dad and has no intention of changing that, giving Gon many chances to stop the tape if he’s not serious about finding Mr.BumFather. When the tape reaches the portion relating to his mother however, Gon stops the player immediately. You can’t fault the kid for being a hypocrite at least.

After stopping the tape, we learn exactly how determined Ging is to not be a father to his child. In the tape he left his Nen with one simple task: rerecording the cassette once it’s paused. He even went as far as to have the cassette player protected, once the condition for the Nen is activated, to prevent anybody from removing the cassette. Nen proves to be a miracle tool, and Ging a one of a kind miracle jerk.

With the cassette unfortunately useless, the boy skip over the ring and move onto the memory card. Something which should be mentioned: the author of the manga is an admitted video game nerd, so figures that the memory card belongs to the JoyStation console. And on the memory card we save files for a single game called Greed Island. A quick net search reveals that this is a rare 100 print game “A hunting game for Hunters” with the ludicrous price tag of I forget the number. 5.8 billion I think? Regardless, this is a game which Hunters are among the only people who could afford it. With such a limited run, no copies are available online even with such a price, so Killua resorts to calling a contact within his family, an older brother of his.

Here is a man who has assassinated his dignity long ago (◡‿◡✿)

Yet even this otaku amongst otaku doesn’t have a copy of his own. Trading over a copy of the memory card does elicit two hints however. 1) The Hunter website is a great information source to use within the Hunter community and 2) Yorknew is home to the greatest auction in the world, conveniently during September, conveniently during a period where there’s a rumor of multiple copies of Greed Island making an appearance. Although the latter may or may not be Ging’s doing. Armed with a clear immediate goal though, Gon says his farewells to Mito, and leaves Whale Island once more, promising to return once his goal is achieved.

Down episodes such as this are inevitable in long running series, but thankfully in the absence of zany activity episodes in this show, we have a fair share of gradual plot and character progression. Now with these two episodes to bridge us over from Heaven’s Arena into Yorknew, we’ve had a piece of rest and relaxation. Onwards to see what the big city’s got in store.


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