Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 2

Episode 2

Good question… What is more painful, being the one who’s left behind or the one who’s gone? Well, if you’re stuck on Earth as a ghost, then probably the latter. You can be with your loved ones, but you can’t interact with them or protect them. Meanwhile, they can still move on with their lives and find happiness again. That’s what’s starting to happen to poor Atsushi… I know a lot of people find him annoying as heck, but I can’t help but enjoy his humor and sympathize at the same time. I love the flashbacks of when he was still living and hope to see more of those.

I’m surprised by how fast the romance is moving between Hazuki and Rokka. I wasn’t even sure if she was interested in him, but apparently she’s getting excited. They go on another little date, she kisses him, he follows her home…and they almost kiss again (on the floor, mind you), but Atsushi wins that round. What drives the show is the inner conflict of each character and how they go through different moods. Should Rokka remain faithful to Atsushi or get a new love? Should Atsushi finally let her go? How should Hazuki deal with her grief? And probably more to come.

Perhaps the most interesting conflict (well, sort of a conflict) to me is the eight year age gap between Hazuki and Rokka. I mean, it’s pretty unusual and refreshing for an anime to focus on a 22-year old man and a 30-year old woman. The only other anime I can remember featuring a prominent age gap is Ristorante Paradiso, where there was almost a difference of 40 years. Okay, I could list others, but they were all relationships involving high school students or younger. *sigh* Anyway, this age gap is perfect and really makes the romance aspect of it interesting due to their different levels of experience. By the end of the show, I’m just hoping that they’ll make the right choices and that Atsushi can finally rest in peace. That’s…probably what will happen.


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