Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 15

Don’t Make Me Laugh

Kuroko’s Basketball retuuuurns! Due to popular demand from…two people, I decided to blog this over Moyashimon Returns. Besides, I enjoy it more. A lot more. In fact, I just marathoned the past six episodes because it’s so fricken’ addicting. If all 26 were out already, I’d probably finish them in a day…

Quick recap: Episodes 10 through 13 mainly focused on Midorima and Taiga’s game, and episode 14 took a nice, lighthearted break. That last game was just…crazy. Midorima could shoot perfectly from anywhere on the court, so Taiga had to strengthen his jumping ability to block the ball, which wowed everyone. They thought he was hanging on strings. Meanwhile, Kuroko was overtaken by Takao who possessed the “hawks eye” view and could see right through his misdirection technique. After so much struggling, Taiga felt that he had to win the game by himself, jumping like a frantic bunny everywhere. Of course he was being stupid, and Kuroko had to cool him down again, but that was still a pretty intense moment. Kuroko’s biggest fear was that Taiga would become like those players from GoM…self-centered and only playing basketball to win, not to have fun. That is indeed GoM’s mentality, as Midorima merely wanted to take control of the game himself. Yes, his teammates were upset, but hey, he had to win. Taiga learned that it can only be through teamwork that victory is truly worth it. Oh and by the way…Kuroko can Falcon punch the ball now! ( o >_< )–O

I’m glad that Seiren won that game since it was dragged out for so long. I mean, I would have hated to see them go through all that just to lose. I think that every game has ended the same way so far, where both teams are about evenly matched in the last three seconds. Yeah, it’s cliche, but the games are so entertaining with all the action, clashing personalities, and “mind reading” that it doesn’t really bother me. At least with Midorima’s game, they threw in a little twist, as it looked like he was going to pull it off by outsmarting Taiga. Good thing Kuroko had his back! The show just couldn’t be that cruel to us…

Man, I love these characters so much…especially when they goof off in restaurants. I think it was in episode 14 when they found a little puppy that had the same eyes as Kuroko. It’s about time we had something cute and cuddly that scares the crap out of Taiga. =P

With the latest episode, Seiren has now entered the Inter-High Championships. The next GoM player they’re going up against is Aomine, who is even more annoying and challenging than the others. Back in the old days, he used to be Kuroko’s light. They were tight just like Kuroko and Taiga are now. But eventually, he became so strong that his love for basketball faded. There was simply no point in trying his best when his opponents gave up so easily. Now he just acts all egotistical by skipping practices, showing up late for games, and kicking his teammate in the stomach. Sheesh. To make things more interesting though, he plays the same basketball as Taiga. Seiren is going to have to kick it up ten notches…just like the amazing production values did.

By the way, that guy who constantly apologizes has got to be related to Ritsu Sohma from Fruits Basket…  Who would have thought that he could shoot so well, though. o_O Expecting many more surprises and interesting developments throughout Aomine’s game…even when he’s skipping out. -_-


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