Movie: K-On!

K-On! (Movie)

You know, i’ve stayed in London a fair few times now, and every time i’ve done so, i’ve stayed in Hotel Ibis at Earl’s Court. That’s a scary coincidence…it’s so strange it’s hardly funny.

Anyway, bringing the K-On behemoth to an end is the movie that could probably replace the last episode, and it’s an episode showing that that new trend that people are getting into, the graduation trip. The light music club takes a trip to London as their last activity; to tl;dr the scenario. Surprisingly, it serves a good purpose and manages to make it feel like it is an extended episode, which was pretty much what the franchise needed…and not some sort of strange movie recapping it or adding something afterwards.

So yeah, it carries the theme of the episodes across, and shows everyone why K-On is the undoubtable ruler when it comes to cute girls doing cute things whilst being heartwarming.(Kimi to Boku does the same, just with male characters! :L) The interactions are both funny, delightful and when they’re calling upon 39 episodes worth of characterisation,they hardly failed to deliver. It even managed to create chances for them to show off some of their better musical scores, as the budget that goes into the musical scores are always amazing.

On top of being a great example of why K-On the ruler, it also shows off London. They’ve got all the iconic landmarks and they’ve realy paid attention to detail. I’m only bringing this up because they don’t make London a fantastical city or anything, they go the extra mile to make sure that everything they reference or use is a real place and a real setting, and it’s all animated to a high finish. I question that coincidences that are brought up, but hey…can’t win them all.

On top of the London trip, the movie was dedicated to giving a sense of closure to the franchise; even finishing up with an improved version of Tenshi No Fureta Yo!, generally making you all fuzzy and bubbly inside, with a really well done music-video going along with it. Obviously, i’m sad to see the K-On train pull in at the last station, but it was a great ride whilst it lasted, and set the bar really high for moe shows…I can’t look at one nowadays without saying “Eh, this has been done better.” The only problem is that it’s just an extra episode, and people who havn’t seen the series shouldn’t see the movie.

Alex’s Score: 9.5 Meeps out of 10 (Great)


2 thoughts on “Movie: K-On!

  1. Oh, so it’s out on BD. *downloads it to watch Saturday morning*
    I’ll comment again tomorrow.

    P.S.: Sorry about not being on Skype. I’ve been trying to run away from a certain person lately. By the way, do people know if you block them?

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