Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 16

Let’s Go

Seirin isn’t doing so hot against Touou’s “opening act,” that is, without having Aomine there yet. Their initial plan was to score as many points as possible before the big star showed up, but Touou doesn’t make it easy. Not only are they an offensive team, but they have more of an individual style, which takes Seirin some time to adjust to. Even that “apologetic mushroom” has skill. But there has to be a slither of a chance that Seirin can win, even with Taiga’s injury and the fact that Touou typically scores in the mid 100s… Er, yeah, how are they going to pull this miracle off?

Kuroko’s “girlfriend” serves as a worthy rival to Riko. This battle of “a woman’s intuition” is gonna get ugly! As Touou’s manager, Momoi gathers information on opponents and can even predict their behavior. Although this causes a lot of trouble for Seirin at first, her data on Taiga and Kuroko isn’t nearly as complete, since Taiga is new and Kuroko is unpredictable. Once again, it’s up to those two to save the day, eh? At any rate, I really want them to teach Aomine a lesson…just like every other arrogant GoM member that comes along. xD


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