Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 3

Episode 3

This episode is actually kind of…depressing. So much crying, whining, and puppy eyes. Atsushi desperately tries to make Hazuki leave, which only makes him more determined to stay. Rokka is sick with a cold throughout most of the episode, forcing Hazuki to take care of her while she starts comparing him to her husband in a dreamy, feverish state. Nothing terribly interesting about that part, since so many romance shows rely on the common cold to move the relationship along… But every move Hazuki makes towards Rokka now deals a serious blow to Atsushi.

There are some new interesting developments though–Atsushi can cause earthquakes and move objects! And I assume that he can also take over someone’s mind and control their body for a short period of time. Since Hazuki has agreed to help him “rest in peace,” he might eventually have to let Atsushi do that… Now that I’d like to see! And will Rokka ever find out that her husband’s been there the entire time? I wonder if this will end up like the movie Ghost where she sees him walk away into the light… xD


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