Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episodes 2 & 3

Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach

The Kamogawa Experiment

It’s hard for Lan and Muginami to get along since their brothers are enemies, but not to worry… Madoka makes everyone make up with a surprise kiss! Heh, awkwardness aside, it’s great to see them back together again. I was sort of hoping that this series would take place on another planet, but it looks like we’re sticking to Earth, as Lan and Muginami seek asylum there. For now, they place their hopes on Madoka who promises to do all she can to make everyone get along.

They do some fun stuff together, like host a haunted house at the beach and eat snow cones. It gets much more interesting when Astelia asks Madoka to participate in the Vox Particle Control Experiment, which is met with enthusiasm. They want to draw out the vox’s power to use for…something good, as opposed to the others. Dizelmine just wants the power to destroy other planets, particularly De Metrio, since their planets will eventually collide… It’s a simple setup, but an interesting one.

So during the experiment (skipping over Astelia’s perverted comments to get Madoka revved up…*ahem*…), this…mysterious girl screams at Madoka and tries to choke her for opening “the Rinne” again, and it cuts to a scene of a planet getting obliterated. Madoka realizes that she met this girl before on the beach where she was much nicer (was that in S1? I can’t remember…). And she looks a lot like the girl hanging out with Dizelmine at the end. I’m excited to see where this will go.

Love the music as always…


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