Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episode 2

 Piplup VS Pansage, the Magnificent Battle!!

Arriving in Sazanami Town,the trio accompanied by Shirona and the stalking Meloetta, now fond of Satoshi, head to the villa that Shirona uses for her Summer vacations. I wouldn’t mind a villa where I can stay during these hot months…@_@

Once there, they meet up with Hikari and her Piplup, and everyone sits down to talk and catch up with each other, and find out what’s been going on. In the end, Hikari’s just been to Elesa’s fashion show and the Pokemon Musicals, before getting nabbed by Shirona. It’s your pretty basic introduction episode, where everyone brings out all their Pokemon to say hello. Hikari’s Pokemon are pretty impressive, though. Mamoswine, Togekiss, Pachirisu and Quilava.

I feel that Hikari’s reaction to Meloetta is more realistic than the others. Meloetta’s a mythical Pokemon, after all, treating it like a standard Pokemon doesn’t always cut it. The Pokemon’s reactons to Meloetta are probably better, but that’s not where the torture ends for Hikari. With a 1v1 battle between Dento and Hikari taking place, Pansage vs Piplup, each showing off in different ways, it becomes tasting time before anyone knows what happened. I get Dento’s enthusiasm to see Hikari battle, as the way she does it is really…human. Using Bubblebeam as a shield, Ice Beam to break the Solarbeam and Drill Peck to return the Bullet Seeds are the human touch that makes the difference from just calling out moves.

It wasn’t a great episode, but it was the episode which was always going to happen, the re-introduction episode to Meloetta, Hikari and the plot twist of what the Rocket Gang is after: the Relic Song, the biggest mission in Rocket Gang’s history.It’s not like it’s being hyped up or anything…so I get really curious when I see certain episode titles. Titles like “Satoshi, Iris and Trip: The Last Battle!” in the TV guides.


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