Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 4

Episode 4

Squee! Hazuki and Rokka go on a date to an amusement park! Now, I don’t usually care for anime episodes with this theme because they tend to force comedy and fan service down our throats, but fortunately, we’re not dealing with teenage characters here. I find enjoyment in that this is (mostly) an ordinary date. Plus, it’s pretty cute to see an inexperienced, young adult trying to impress an older woman. It’s hard for Hazuki, considering that Rokka has already been there with her husband, and that she’s seeing flashbacks of him everywhere…

Hazuki tries his best to be enthusiastic and initiate going on rides, taking pictures, and etc, unlike Rokka’s husband who could only wait for her at exits.  This is definitely the most outgoing side of Hazuki we’ve seen yet, though he eventually takes it a bit too far… I mean, putting her fingers in his mouth and asking to have sex? Yeah, this poor kid doesn’t know how to treat a lady. But again, their age gap is what I find most interesting about them, as it shows a clear contrast of their experiences/maturity. He will say and do stupid things because he is in the pinnacle of infatuation, while she has already been there done that. Just one question though… Why doesn’t she find his behavior the least bit creepy?! I would have run off a long time ago…

The date doesn’t quite work out the way Hazuki had planned. To him, they aren’t any closer than the first moment they got there. So what does he do? Gets drunk, of course! And while he’s drunk, Atsushi gets his “consent” to take over his body! I wonder how long he will be using it and where his actions will lead to. I thought that Rokka might recognize his mannerisms, but he just looks crazy drunk to her right now. Oh well… xD

And I really want to ride inside that cute, little house…


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