Space Brothers Episode 18

Ka-pe! Kenji!

Another great episode. Mutta has basically figured out what’s going on with the green cards. After someone sabotaged the toilet and the rice, Mutta figured he would soon make his “green card debut”. After receiving his card he found out he wouldn’t be able to hide it like the others, as he needed to disrupt them at least twice a day… Which lead to a hilarious scene of him imitating Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee. I guess it’s better to try and entertain them rather than annoy them. Perhaps he should do Arnold Schwarzenegger next ^_^.

Each episode provides new insight into the characters, which is exactly what a good slice-of-life should do. In this episode Kenji has also figured out that JAXA is behind everything being sabotaged. He also suggests that it doesn’t matter who everyone chooses; rather, JAXA is more interested in how they choose. Not even Mutta got that far. Feeling pressure to withdraw, since he has done nothing to develop or encourage team work, Kenji remembers what his daughter said to him. My subs translated it as “roo-rah” but it sounded more like “ka-pe” to me. After some reflecting in the bathroom he realizes his daughter was wishing him good luck and he regained his confidence.

It seems like the next episode is the second last episode of this arc. I can’t help but feel a little sad, but the faster it gets over with, the faster we will see them in space. I’m still a little curious how group C is doing… I guess they’re not very important. It was cool to see Kenji regain his confidence and gel his hair ^_^. Is it just me, or does this anime give me a similar feeling to GTO? I can’t help but watch it with a smile on my face all the way through… Nah, maybe it’s just me. This anime is that good. In fact it’s so good I must resist reading the manga to find out what happens.


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