Space Brothers Episodes 1-17

A lot has happened in the first 17 episodes of Space Brothers. I cannot say more than good things about this show. It has everything you can ask for in a slice of life. Though it is lacking in some areas it is one of the most well-paced shows I have ever seen. After 17 episodes it feels like so much has happened but can be easily summarized. The first episode depicts two brothers: Hibito and Mutta. As kids they both had dreams of being astronauts. When they were young they both saw a strange object in the sky go to the moon. Fast forward 20 years or so, Hibito had already become an astronaut and was going to be the first Japanese person to land on the moon. Mutta was recently fired from his job and after getting accepted into the astronaut selection process, he decided to take it one step further and be the first person to land on Mars.

Right from the beginning to could tell this show was going to be good. Mutta is a great main character. Not only is he hilarious but unlike a lot of characters, he is very committed to his goal. He doesn’t seem like a likely candidate at first. The more the series goes on you get to realize he’s a perfect candidate. He isn’t particularly skilled at anything (except being aware of his surroundings and being incredibly lucky), but he is very well rounded at everything. Not to mention the most important aspect of having the drive to become an astronaut.

When Mutta begins the astronaut selection process, he meets Kenji and Serika. Immediately Murra develops a crush on Serika and becomes good friends with Kenji. They are both obvious choices to become astronauts, but Mutta will always be in the shadow of his younger brother to everyone. Is this an advantage so far? It doesn’t seem like JAXA is interested in taking him because he’s his brother; rather, because he’s suited for the job.

Mutta, Kenji and Serika all manage to pass the first exam and have to attend an interview. All 3 members are the only ones to notice a loose screw in the chair during the interview, but Mutta is so distracted by it he finds it hard to even focus. Later we figure out the interviewee made the screw loose to see who would notice, with the 3 main characters being the only ones.

This is the first big insight we have into Mutta’s character and how aware he is. Throughout the series we see him noticing things that no one else notices. Such as people entering stores or the time on buses. Despite all of this, he is portrayed to be quite the idiot. Sometimes I wonder what the people at JAXA see in him, but it’s through the little things over the course of the series that you begin to see why he would make the perfect astronaut (okay, maybe not perfect, but better than most of the other applicants).

It’s hard to hate the characters in this series. You even learn to love the annoying ones or the seemingly bad ones. Each character has something likable about them. So far, I don’t have too many complaints about the characters. Most of the characters are trying to be astronauts themselves so they all have the same drive as Mutta to reach their dreams. Although Mutta is going to be an obvious choice, you really start to wonder what other applicants will get chosen. Part of me thinks that Kenji will decide to be with his daughter after being chosen. It really can go in any direction.

After taking the second exam and passing, Mutta, Kenji and Serika all are put into groups of 5 – with Kenji being with 4 strangers, and Mutta & Serika together with 3 other strangers. Currently this is my favourite part of the show. It really showcases how the characters interact with each other is it’s great! Lots of humour and character development. I could probably watch this arc forever. For example, Mutta found out other members of his team were using “green cards”. Serika is known for making too much food and eating a lot of it, so when Mutta learned there wasn’t much food left, he assumed Serika had also been given a green card. It was pretty hilarious to see how confused she was and watch Mutta accuse JAXA on camera.

I wish I could write more. I could go on and on about each episode. But it seems like so much has happened already. I still remember the first episode like it was the last, and I’m glad this has been planned for over 50 episodes… At least that’s what I hear. Nothing has been confirmed as far as I can tell. I apologize for basically “summarizing” the series, and not telling you about key parts. But I didn’t want this to be too long or else no one will read it. This is without a doubt my favourite show this year. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on future episodes even if this was more of a summary.


2 thoughts on “Space Brothers Episodes 1-17

  1. It’s pretty much thanks to you that I continued to watch Space Brothers. What I love most about the characters is how perceptive they are of each other and the things around them. My favorite challenge, or assignment, so far is when they have to write a letter of protest. Mutta can be quite bright sometimes…eh? xD

    • Yeah, so much has happened in the past 17 episodes I found it hard to summarize… As a result my writing suffered :p. Oh well, glad I could get you to continue watching :).

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