Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 17

Pinochle’s Resolve

Well, the Order’s breaking down nice and quickly. Freecell’s holding some sort of ultimate trump card, the others are starting to suspect there’s a problem thanks to Eve’s Replica Ring, and Pinochle’s gone out against the wishes of the “leader” and promised to tell Kaito everything. The only thing you can learn from this is that Freecell isn’t a very nice person at all, laughing at those who’ve gotten consumed by the ring…even his friends.

It’s easily the most twisted game yet, though. Kaito will either lose and fall to his death, or win, learn just what connects his promise to Freecell’s mother and find out the rest of the truth of what happened…but, in return for winning, Pinochle falls to his death.

However, annoyingly, this seems to have brought out a rather shounen-esque style to Kaito. “I need to find the truth amongst your lies so I can apologise for what I did to you all”. But…Hoist did something rather remarkable. He actually tried to kill Pinochle this episode, probably to prevent the secret of the “Gamma Ring” getting out, and the truth of what happened to Kaito and Freecell getting out.

It’s just a shame for the Order that he was saved by Kaito…but that begs the question. What the HECK are the Order up to? Changing tactics, keeping secrets, even showing a ridiculously huge revelation from Freecell about how he felt for his mother. To hate ones mother is normal, but that removes the motive for Freecell from the picture entirely. Freecell’s motive isn’t about his mothers death, since the death of someone you hate isn’t actually a sad thing, especially if you hate them after death. With Pinochle revealing that even he doesn’t understand why the two are linked, or if they’re linked at all, the episode ends up with him being invited into Kaito’s group, the spell shattered and nothing being explained at all. In fact, it’s just cleared up the hate about how the motives for the show makes no sense, and shown that Hoist is a real bastard.

Words don’t explain just how awesome it is to see Phi Brain turn it’s attention back to the ridiculously brilliant plot and the roller-coaster ride that it’s turning into. I’ve got  no idea of what’s actually going on anymore…yet i’m loving it so much right now.



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