Hunter x Hunter Episodes 39-41

Wish x And x Promise
Nen x Users x Unite
Gathering x Of x Heroes

Siigh, the past few weeks have been nothing but a series of unfortunate events. So that’s why this post will have the tree episodes bundled up, tied in the string of a subpar post, more of a halfbaked summary if anything.

Enjoy! (⊙‿⊙✿)

Leaving Gon and Killua to rest, we have two more Kurapika centric episodes, building up to the inevitable conflict with the Phantom Troupe. Attempting to acquire less savory jobs through the underground Agency, Kurapika runs into the same wall Gon and Killua did in Heaven’s Arena. Namely, the existence of Nen. He get’s turned down by the office lady out front, and even on his way out he’s taunted by some jerk of a veteran Nen user. Sigh, who knew the underworld would be so harsh.

Well, the veteran Nen user may not be so much involved with the underworld, but he’s certainly aware that Kurapika is lacking. Teaching him the basics, since he’s such a nice guy apparently, we learn that Kurapika is of the Conjurer type. And then we get some of the same Nen mumbo jumbo from earlier in Heaven’s Arena. They’re really pounding this stuff in, although it is best to learn it before things begin to go wild.

Now armed with Nen and chains, Kurapika can finally take on his very first job interview! Yeah! Getting glimpses of other freaks who are interested in the same job, we have a total of 6 weirdos at the employer’s mansion. The employer being a a collector of rare body parts, the interview is fascinating in its own right. Each freak receives a data card containing a list of strange body parts, and to land the job you must bring back one of the-haha, Eyeball of the Kurta, what a jerk. All Kurapika has to do is take out his. In our rough economy, you have to take what you can get.

If only it were that simple though. To qualify for the job, the potential employees must also prove their strength. And what better way to test strength than a group of generic ninjas, bursting through the door as they leave. Excellent time for Kurapika to tease us with what he’s capable of. Takes about a whole 5 seconds before he starts to show off, catching bullets with his chains and jumping around willy nilly. And with just the magical power of observation, he determined the ninjas were merely a manifestation of Nen. The two ninjas mindlessly wailing around on the top floor were hopelessly adorable.

The orange haired man turns out to be the mole for the employer, introducing himself as Shachmono Tocino. He mistakenly pins down Kurapika as a manipulator, and more pertinently, reveals the existence of a 2nd mole. Well, he’s quickly pinned down as the animal caretaker, through Kurapika’s dowsing chain in conjunction with the short lady’s, yes lady’s, ability to hear heartbeats. The large man pressures the caretaker into confessing with his haiku ability, one which I just find really cool. Less cool is the tall lady’s Instant Lover ability, which is just, well, kinda lame. Oh well, the caretaker, Squala, is swiftly handled and the 4 real employees to be make it out of the mansion. The group shares introductions, haiku man being Basho, Instant Lover lady being Baise, and the short munchkin aptly named Melody. And Kurapika just acts coldly, keeping his distance from these relative strangers. To end off the episode, Gon and Killua receive the url to the exclusive Hunter site from the human blob.

Moving straight on to episode 41, Gon and Killua immediately put the url to use. Ignoring that the website is nearly identical to sites I used when I was in grade school, they learn that 7 copies of Greed Island will be available at the auction, with the starting bid of 8,9 billion. They have approximately 800 million. Only 10 million after a failed eBay buy and resale campaign. Yep. Kids are pretty dumb sometimes.

Next we look at the 4 now bodyguards taking on their very first job. Protecting a cute little girl. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the underground world. The real live human painting of a previous bodyguard was gruesome to say the least though, so this lady Neon is more than she seems obviously. Anyhow, the job is to safely take her to York Shin, during which we learn of her true value, her ability to “ghost write” accurate fortunes. This must be one of those there famed Specialization Nen abilities, well sought after from high ranking individuals. But wait, here comes the spooky part! 4 of the fortunes she wrote all involve a horrible fate at the auction. This fate could very likely be linked to, and probably caused by, the following individuals.

Here we’re introduced the Phantom Troupe in all of their glory. All 13 of them, at the same time. Yeah, I’m not even going to begin writing down their names, it’ll be easier to bring them up as they become relevant. With the 13 members gathered, what in the world could be their objective? Why, it’s the entire auction! Everything must go! The boss gives the order, and none is more satisfied than the bulkiest member Uvogin. With permission to kill anybody who interferes, these three groups prepare for tomorrow’s auction. My oh my, what ever could end up happening.


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