Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 18


Ouch… Well, you can’t win forever! Although I couldn’t put the possibility of Seirin winning behind me because of how crazy this anime has been, at least they’re being realistic here. Yeah, I want to see Aomine get beaten. Badly. But I figure that there’s another time and place for that. Kuroko and Taiga will probably have to beat the other guys from GoM first, since Aomine is considered to be the top dog. Taiga is definitely not backing down with all that rage… Question is, how can they improve to beat Aomine? Will Taiga be able to touch the ceiling next time? xD

At any rate, Seirin’s “never give up” attitude softens the blow of this crushing defeat. I don’t feel too sorry or upset for them, though that could be due to the lack of suspense in this episode, where losing is expected and at least they’re still trying their best. If this was more like the game against Midorima, then I would have felt a little mad if they lost. =P For now, they’ll just have to use this experience to become stronger and make a comeback later. Can’t wait for that episode!

I’ve also been wondering about who the new guy in the show’s opening is, and it looks like he finally makes an appearance in the next episode. I gather that he will become someone very important to the team, so I’m looking forward to his introduction.


One thought on “Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 18

  1. The montage at the end was SO LAME. In the manga it was actually quite sad and emotional when they lost, but… Yeah, that montage with recycled animation was terrible rofl.

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