La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia Episode 6

On Board! – The Final Battle!

What kind of foul people prey after a man in a comatose state? Oh, yeah. Pirates. For whatever reason they’ve done that it’s just weak praying after a man who can’t do anything to defend himself. I mean seriously. At least take someone that can give you information about people instead of just grabbing a guy in a coma.

This was a very interesting episode though. To think up a mission that everyone knew the three kids would go on without any orders. To test their abilities, and see how strong they really are. Why mess with Nova’s head though? If I was Nova I’d be pretty pissed if I found out they made up this mission, using my father as bait, then locking me up in a cell. Sheesh. It was definitely a made up mission to show them how weak they are, that they can’t take on such missions. They had no idea really what they were getting themselves into. They’re pretty strong to street thugs, but when it comes down to the three of them, against trained people? Not really…

Though, the episode was very entertaining, and was very enjoyable. The series is looking very promising from episode 6. I still can’t wait to see the Duel, and I’m interested to see if Nova’s parents ever wake up. I also never really watch after the credits. This time, I decided to see if there was anything after them. And boy, whatever Jolly gave Liberta, that does bring out his perverted side~ and Nova’s reactions were pretty priceless xD


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