Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episode 5

In Orbit Above the Summer Skies of Kamogawa

At first glance, Le Garite is a paradise. You have beautiful space gardens, dresses, food, and of course, the oh-so-gorgeous Dizelmine. For a while, the girls enjoy the royal treatment, but you just know that it won’t last for long. Madoka eventually asks Dizelmine to see Yurikano and about why he hid her from Lan. His response goes something like wanting to protect Lan’s feelings from Yuri’s huge change of personality and amnesia. Yeah, right. Well, they buy into his weak excuse anyway, though Madoka isn’t allowed to see her just yet. It isn’t until she goes wandering around by herself in Dizelmine’s private space garden that he agrees to let them meet.

Dizelmine takes Madoka to the “Deep Level Experiment Division,” where Yurikano is laying unconscious. Her naivety shines through when she trusts Dizelmine to hook her up to a machine in an attempt to contact her. It turns out that his real plan is to embed Madoka’s mind into Yurikano so that they don’t need the Vox Aura to obliterate De Metrio. The process can’t be reversed, at least not according to Moid. When Madoka is finally able to connect to her, Yurikano explains that she sealed herself up in Rin-ne so that Dizelmine can’t use her power. Madoka tries to convince her that this isn’t the end, and they should ask them to understand, which results in a little slap fight. ^_^! While this is going underway, Muginami and Lan devise a plan to find Madoka, but it appears that they don’t make it in time… And the ship is getting destroyed by red crystals growing everywhere. Oh dear.

I know… It’s silly how this predicament happened in the first place, with the girls getting on Dizelmine’s ship as if it’s a field trip, let alone Astelia’s forces not being able to control them at all. But if you don’t take that stuff too seriously, then this show can be pretty entertaining. This episode in particular is among the best for the adventure and the dramatic turn of events. Dizelmine has finally shown his true colors, which is starting to make Vilajulio look like a good guy now. I expect there to be a lot of crazy action in the next episode, so bring it on. :3


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