Space Brothers Episode 19

The Day Before Goodbye

The Day Before Goodbye

Usually when you’re young it’s hard to find someone with common interests. It isn’t until high school or even college that you’re able to fully express who you are. This is the first time where everyone in groups B and C realized they all have a lot in common. After all, they’re trying to become astronauts. It takes an enormous amount of hard work and dedication to get there.

I think for the first time, both groups are finally having fun. The episode starts with Mutta telling everyone that the food was gone, but he also found some ingredients to make udon noodles. I haven’t tried them myself… Maybe I will order some next time I go to a Japanese restaurant. I guess it’s cool, since cooking stuff is one of the only ways I bond with my mother ^_^.

While cooking, Mutta revealed that he was close with the famous astronomer Sharon Kaneko. Everyone in the group was surprised, especially Serika, that he knew Sharon. Apparently she’s a big deal among astronauts. Mutta’s face definitely showed a realization that he was around people who he has the most in common with, even if it doesn’t seem like it with their personalities. Actually, after seeing how everyone there wanted to become an astronaut, I can’t decide who I want to become one.

The flashback was my favourite part of the episode. Mutta was trying to get his friends from class to come watch the stars with him later that night, but they all think it’s not interesting and stupid… So he goes and does it by himself. It was here when Mutta realized he was surrounded by people he wanted to be with, because they all would have been eager to watch them with him. Maybe Mutta’s first date with Serika will involve star gazing! One can only dream.

Kenji also experienced something similar. JAXA didn’t give him and Mizoguchi green cards so they could show their leadership skills. Once they saw what they wanted to see, JAXA gave them both a “saving grace” in green cards so they could finally understand what was happening. I still can’t help but wonder what group C is doing…

The episode ends with Mutta reminding everyone that they still need to select two people to become astronauts. I’m thinking Mutta will pick Serika no matter what, but I’m not quite sure he will pick himself. It would certainly be tough to choose between who gets to follow their dreams and who doesn’t… I’m not sure I would be able to pick between 4 other people. Maybe it will be something simple like rock-paper-scissors; though I’m thinking that they will just pick people who they want to work with. I can’t help but be a little sad that this arc is ending already ;_;… Oh well, more to come!


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