Another update and a glimpse at Fall season

Update time! ^_^

For those of you waiting on Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, you should be happy to know that Justin is planning to pick up where Dusk left off at episode three, as well as covering Sword Art Online (so many of us love this show, don’t we?). And for those of you missing Dusks’ awesomely long posts that cannot be rivaled, well, we’re not sure where she is right now. We suspect that her internet connection may be having serious issues, which is what the oh-so-mysterious Ace is also experiencing. I don’t think anyone else is brave enough to touch Kyoukai Senou no Horizon II (at least I haven’t heard talk of it), so that will probably have to wait until she returns. Other than that, everything will continue on as usual! Alex is really getting into visual novels these days, fat lazy and all, so I’m sure he’ll have more great ones to talk about soon.

It’s never too early to talk about anime coming out next season, even if all you have is a simple wish for one anime to be confirmed (that would be Chihayafuru S2 for me). So what are you guys dying to see? Fortunately, I still have a while to catch up on Bakuman before the third season airs. Other than that, K and Magi are sure to be delicious eye candy treats, and I’m most interested in checking out Psycho Pass, From The New World (they sound rather dark and unusual), and Robotics;Notes (just because it’s an alternative setting to Steins;Gate). Honestly, that’s much more than I can say I looked forward to for summer season. Which is a good thing. I’m also hoping for a big surprise, much like Space Brothers was.

Lastly, would anyone find it very helpful for us to start writing early impressions for new anime seasons, complete with whatever pictures, trailers, and summaries are out? Like a month or two in advance? Just an idea, because I’ve considered this quite helpful from other blogs, and we would have a place to share our expectations. This is so not an obvious experiment to make quiet fans start talking or anything. But I’d love it if you do. ^^


2 thoughts on “Another update and a glimpse at Fall season

  1. That would be up to you. Just make sure it’s not like two weeks before the animes start airing :p

    Yeah I haven’t analyzed the list, but I’m hearing stuff about Psycho Pass and Robotics; Notes so those are early favorites, but I’ll take some time to look over everything before getting set on a true favorite.

    I’m also hoping for a big surprise, much like Space Brothers was

    You thought it would be a surprise? Shame on you :p ^_^

  2. Beats me. The only one that caught my eye was From the New World, but I’ve already pretty much googled everything that is available about it, so… q:

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