Hunter x Hunter Episode 42

Defend x And x Attack

That’s one way to divide an episode. Being one of the more, well, daring shounen series out there, Hunter x Hunter needs the ability to shift it’s tone almost on the drop of a hat. And that’s majorly what we have here, between Gon and co. meandering about the city attempting to acquire some real moolah with bright antics, and Kurapika’s group preparing for inevitable deathly disaster brewing for the auction. With about 42 episodes worth of slow growing hype, the Phantom Troupe’s unveiling moment is just behind the corner.

But first things first, we have the triumphant return of Leorio. Gon and Killua having blown nearly all their money at this point, Leorio comes in to provide them some much needed direction. Despite being much lesser of a hunter than the two young boys, he is, well, much more savvy of the ways of the world. Combining that with the aptitude for Nen the two boys have, a money making scheme is born. The good ol’ arm wrestling scam, swindling poor folks with the appearance of a little shrimp of a kid. As fine as this plan is, Gon even breaks out in cold sweat from easy he’s having it, it would require 899,999 saps to fall for the scheme.

And here we edge into the darker side of the episode, segued with the appearance of busty glasses face, member of the Phantom Troupe. Shizuku here challenges Gon as well, pitting him to use the entirety of his strength, quite a feat considering it’s one of Gon’s best features. And even then Shizuku was apparently using her less dominant hand. Ah the world of Nen is a mysterious place. As is the rest of the Phantom Troupe ever so; half the group waiting at the hideout in ominous silent fashion, and the other half converging on the auction house. Have to say, the threat of the Phantom Troupe is finally starting to feel real concrete.

The final portion leads us to Kurpika and the rest of bodyguards of the Nostrade family dispatched to their respective locations; Tocino and Baise inside the building for the bidding, Kurapika and Melody keeping watch from a nearby skyscraper, Basho doing the same from a separate location.

I kinda enjoy the dynamic Kurapika and Melody share. It’s somewhat different from what Kurapika shares with the Gon-Kil-Leo, but he displays a sense of trust in Melody. Having confidence in his instincts and abilities, he can tell Melody is a good person, and while he would have no qualms killing her if she interfered with his revenge, he also has nothing against her. The surprise here is when we also learn more of Melody as well, who reveals to have had her body horribly altered from listening to a segment of the Dark Sonata, a 4-piece movement supposedly written by the Devil. The friend who played the movement was much less lucky.

Hurgh. Can’t get through a single episode without introducing another horribly mangled body, can we.


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