Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 19

On To a New Challenge

Enter Kiyoshi Teppi, a cheerful fellow who is dubbed “weird” by his peers and has a tendency to create awkward silences around him. Some important things to know are: he is 193 centimeters tall (a little taller than Taiga) and weighs 81 kilos. Aside from his height, his strong enthusiasm for basketball dominates the room. Well, I underestimated Kiyoshi a little bit… He’s not just important to the team, he created it. Apparently, he was in the hospital for…something we don’t have details about yet, and now he’s just picking up where he left off. Ya’know, it’s been a while since this show made me giggle, but he brings the giggles back…plus the facepalms. I’m loving this guy already.

After the last game, Seirin is trying to get back into the groove of things. Strangely enough, Aomine and Kuroko’s “girlfriend” don’t react well to winning either. I guess Aomine is just disappointed with Kuroko, but it is interesting to know that Kuroko is affected the most by their loss. He’s still haunted by Aomine’s words, like he hasn’t changed a bit since middle school and his basketball can never win. On top of that, Taiga tells him after the game, “I don’t think we can win by just working together,” which certainly doesn’t help.

Kiyoshi pops up at the right place and time to help lift Kuroko’s spirits, explaining that his basketball isn’t wrong–he’s just inexperienced and that he’s still remarkable for specializing in one thing. Then he brings it on himself to work on Taiga… It seems that Taiga has reverted back to his old self, you know, the one that wanted to handle everything alone. I’m getting so tired of that. Somebody slap him again.

Okay, so there’s still one more chance for Seirin to make a name for itself this season. The Winter Cup! My only worry is if there will be enough episodes to cover it… I mean, I’d hate for the anime to end at a really good part… But until then, I’m looking forward to Taiga and Kiyoshi playing one-on-one in the next episode! Even something as minor as that makes this show addicting…


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