Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 19


Last week, the double ring fiasco drove Herbert crazy, resulting in him being trapped in a collapsed cavern, with life or death status pretty uncertain. Watching this, Freecell, being the pyscopath he is, goes to save Kaito, since nobody can have “special time” with Kaito apart from himself. And thus, this episode picks up straight afterwards.

During the cave-in, Nonoha appears to be the only person who’s safe, and things start off with her punching her way through some rubble to rescue Cubic, who promptly moves onto locating the others. Sadly, Kaito didn’t get himself killed, but being trapped at the bottom of the foundations means that the only person who can save him is Nonoha, the person who’s been overlooked for the majority of the runtime. But, well…after getting stopped in her tracks by a puzzle, the oddball, Freecell, turns up to help carve the path to Kaito. Not only was it the oddest team-up, it was the oddest combination of efforts: Freecell’s brain and Nonoha’s memory. Pretty much what Nonoha should have been doing all this time, not sitting around doing nothing.

However, Nonoha spending time with Freecell is obviously going to answer one of the biggest questions we’ve had since Freecell got introduced. And as he starts his over-due explaining, the ring that’s being wielded up Freecell glows an unusual rainbow, and appears to start overwriting his memories, like was expected to have happened.Things get a little clearer, Freecell has a very dark heart in him. He left his sick mother who was on death’s door to go play, and when he got back she was dead. That confirms that she knew nothing about Kaito not showing up…and the rainbow glow on the ring seems to have a rather odd effect as it overloads, making Freecell find the truth that we’ve all expected. Freecell hated his mother, and if anything, makes Freecell responsible for the death of his mother. All that shows is just how pyscopathic Freecell is, pretty much loosing it when Nonoha brings up the possibility that the promise is yet another forged memory.

Freecell’s ring appears to have completly gone haywire after remembering this, which ends up giving him abilities pretty much equal to Kaito’s god mode. However, this isn’t all of it. The twist at the end of the episode was a very unusual one, pretty much created by Nonoha’s meddling: Freecell doesn’t care about his mother or the promise anymore, and he understands that the fake ring given to him has become a real ring.Now that Freecell’s become stronger than Kaito, what’s going to happen from here on? Freecell seems to have noticed that he’s being used by the Orpheus Order, Kaito’s reached a wall in terms of his ability, and Nonoha’s hit rock bottom by awakening Freecell’s true abilities.Phi Brain’s amazing at this point, and there’s another 6 episodes left to go.


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