Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episode 6

May This Voice Reach Kamogawa

Madoka and Yurikano swap bodies, and it only gets crazier from there! As the ship is getting destroyed by those crystals, Muginami tries to rescue Madoka without realizing she’s actually Yurikano, and Madoka is forced into an escape pod by Dizelmine’s men. To make matters worse, Vilajulio is engaged in an all out space war with Dizelmine, laser beams flying off in every direction. Yurikano manages to get inside an ovid and defend herself quite well out there, but the real challenge is convincing everyone that she is Yurikano. It seems the best way she can do that is to bring up the most embarrassing moments in her life…that involves somebody being naked of course. *face palm* So…how could they possibly solve this? Oh, just think outside the box a little bit.

Madoka, being the bright girl she is, accidentally activates voice transmission from her pod, so everyone else can hear what she’s mumbling to herself. She figures out that Yurikano actually loves Dizelmine, and she expresses a need to tell him this in person. But how can she? She’s floating farther and farther away into the depths of space. Not to worry, Midori rushes in to save her and breaks into Dizelmine’s space garden. When he touches her hand, Madoka and Yurikano simply return to their bodies. They finally confess their feelings, with Yuri explaining that she can’t choose him over the destruction he’s causing. Vilajulio appears at the last minute to see her, but unfortunately, she turns into pink fairy dust and disappears. Madoka cracks her knuckles, ready to send these bad boys to time-out.

It really amuses me how everyone acts like a big kid in this show. They should definitely not be in charge of weapons that can destroy planets! If Yurikano and Dizelmine had just been more honest with their feelings, a lot of this could have been prevented. Maybe. I suppose there’s still the issue of their planets colliding, so I wonder how they’re going to deal with that. Well, first they’ve got to deal with a 17-year old girl who doesn’t look very happy with them…

I wish that the body swapping thing was used in a different way. It would have been interesting and funny to see Yurikano living as Madoka for a while. Or maybe I just find her a little less annoying than Madoka. =P Anyway. I’m still loving how ridiculous this show is. Call it a guilty pleasure or whatever. It’s fun! Who knows what’s left for the finale.


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