Hunter x Hunter Episode 43

A x Shocking x Tragedy

Well clearly having mangled corpses around is just going to be a staple of this show now.

And how!

No punches pulled. The designated auction time begins. The mafioso pile into the hall. Now here’s where I expected a more drawn out segment, but with Feitan and Franklin of the Phantom Troupe taking the stage as announcers, the bloodshed began immediately. It could pretty much only be described as an instant, as Franklin mows down the entire audience with his emission type Double Machine Gun ability. Even our fair bodyguards stood absolutely no chance. Protecting Baise and the goon, Tocino dies. Attempting to call the boss, the goon dies. Frightened out of her mind as she flees, Baise dies. Threat level established alright, quite effectively thank you.

And man, is it entertaining. These guys treat it as casual entertainment at best, with Shizuku vacuuming up the bloodied remains with her adorable household killing product. A sea of blood has never been a more appropriate phrase. The image of Shizuku’s vacuum slurping up the final body like spaghetti is almost chilling, if I weren’t laughing at how much I loved the entire scene.

It doesn’t take long for the outside guards to realize something’s amiss. Lo and behold, the entire auction house is devoid of people. The goods of the auction as well, naturally. But not for the reason we’d expect, as the Phantom Troupe are just as surprised. The vault, empty before they had even gotten to it. Such a heinous crime, committed by none other than by Owl of the Shadow Beasts, a group composed of the top Nen users of the Mafia world. I don’t pretend for a second these just introduced Shadow Beasts stand a chance against this force we finally get to see wreck havoc.

But the time for havoc is not now. That comes later. Since the mafia world had somehow been prepared for a robbery of some sort, Uvogin surmises there may be a traitor in the Troupe, a Judas if you will. Chrollo quickly waves that off in calm and logical fashion, proving him to be the boss of the operation. None of the Troupe members would gain anything from selling out to the mafia, even if Hisoka obviously has his own agenda in all of this. Secondly, besides the missing goods, the mafia wasn’t prepared for any sort of full scale attack.

And then the havoc begins. Having dragged an equally big portion of the mafia to the desert, Uvogin finally let’s loose. Living up to his title as the physically strongest member, he take on guns, sniper rifles, anti tank bazookas as if he were on a stroll, knocking heads like they were putty. Kurapika’s group, joined by Squala and the top dog of the bodyguards watch from afar, horror of such a monster seeping in. Thankfully Kurapika doesn’t even realize it’s the Phantom Troupe at this point, or he would no doubt jump right in. Or take the smarter, but still equally as deadly route to death. Also thankfully, 4 of the Shadow Beasts arrive on the scene to take on the Phantom, pfffft, menace.

Meanwhile the other Phantom Troupe members on the scene want to play cards.

Good show Madhouse, good show.


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