Sword Art Online Episode 5

A Crime Within the Walls

*sighs* Alright, let’s try writing this for the 3rd time. Apparently my Microsoft Word was corrupt and wasn’t saving my files correctly… When I got home from work, my prewritten blog posts for Space Brothers and Sword Art Online were all gone. Sorry Alex, I know you’ve been hounding me for a few days to write them. So now I will write them all in one sitting and post them as soon and they’re written. You’re welcome! ^_^

Anyway, it looks like we’re finally hit an “arc” in Sword Art Online… At least a story that will last for more than one episode. This episode marks the return of Asuna, and she’s the vice commander of an assault team. Kirito and Asuna are relatively known players on the front lines, though Kirito is known for not belonging to any guild and being a “solo” player. Judging by the meeting they had it seems like Kirito and Asuna are having a little bit of a power struggle. Personally I’d have to agree with Asuna, since NPC’s are not real people. It was a stupid thing for Kirito to object to.

Later on Kirito decided to take a rest under a tree and is noticed by Asuna. Kirito wakes up to a passed out Asuna beside him and decides to watch over her until she wakes up. Understandably embarrassed, Asuna draws her sword on Kirito though she wouldn’t be able to kill him within the safe zone. Instead of killing him, Asuna offers to buy him dinner if they never speak of what just happened. During dinner Kirito describes to Asuna the concept of a sleep PK. Basically, you can only kill someone within the safe zone by duelling them. If someone is asleep you can use their own fingers to accept a duel and simply kill them as they sleep. But I think we all know the real reason Kirito watched over Asuna.

Later on they come across someone being murdered in the safe zone, and the episode highlights them attempting to solve the murder. They first question a girl who was with the man who was killed, and immediately I assumed it was her. It even showed her with an “evil” smile as they were questioning her. .. That was until she was killed at the end. I guess at this point the most logical conclusion was that it was someone who opposed selling the ring they brought up earlier… Can you say conspiracy? Though things are obviously not what they seem. And even though I have seen the newest episode I knew it would be a much simpler explanation than ghosts.

I can’t really say I enjoyed this episode outside of the interactions between Asuna and Kirito… The “mystery” is pretty boring to me and it seems very rushed. At least it isn’t exactly episodic anymore. I actually am not a fan of these “mini” mystery arcs in anime… It usually involves characters you won’t see again or a simple conclusion to a big problem, which is more often than not a letdown. Overall the character developments in this episode were predictable.



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