Sword Art Online Episode 6

The Phantom Avenger

How interesting. I don’t know how the novel or whatever is handling it, but we’re at Episode 6 and the assault team is already at Floor 59.The episode is dedicated to wrapping up this sub-story of the murder mystery, with some rather interesting discussions and thought provoking things coming about. For starters, it was always obvious that you can’t actually kill someone in a safe zone, and if you do, you’re going to do it much more discreetly than hanging a body in public. It was also pretty interesting to see what was behind these acts of madness, and to really start thinking. What would you do for something that can make your life easier? I don’t think that Griselda’s ring had it’s powers explained, but if it was worth stealing, then it’s got to have something amazing behind it. 

I love how this episode reeks of professionalism, too. Not many people understand everything about an MMO, and the tiny details that were used in this episode show just how intensely the writer studied the unique world that online games create. Justin’s gonna take the rest of this post, but I just want to say that i’m so thankful they didn’t marry…I thought all that the talk of it meant that the two were going to do it at the end of the episode.


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