Natsuyuki Rendezvous Episode 7

Episode 7

This anime has turned from comical to very depressing lately… Atsushi is still struggling with his new form and the fact that Rokka is falling in love with Hazuki. He spends the whole day with her, calling her Rokka-chan, going to the beach, and then sleeping together, but he acts more mopey than even Hazuki was. Towards the end, he writes a letter to Rokka that he’ll catch up with her later, but she recognizes his handwriting… Dun dun duuun.

Upon returning to the shop, Rokka hallucinates her husband waiting for her at the counter, with flowers arranged on the floor in his special way. She definitely feels his presence by now. It seems that she was about to think: what if Hazuki is really him? because now she’s having trouble telling them apart. Meanwhile, Atsushi looks like he’s about to leave town. Just where does he think he’s going? And Hazuki isn’t making much progress in the water world.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about Atsushi in this episode. Although I still sympathize with his pain, he’s also becoming increasingly selfish. I mean, sleeping with her and then leaving her behind? No, that’s not very considerate of Rokka’s feelings. Not to mention he robbed some very special moments of the relationship from Hazuki. It’s going to be so confusing for him when he returns. xD


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