Space Brothers Episode 20

The Worst Possible Punishment

I actually like how this arc turned out. Mutta’s team has decided to disregard everything and leave it all up to luck with rock-paper-scissors. I remember seeing a video about a year ago explaining that most children in Japan will decide minor disputes through rock-paper-scissors… But I guess this anime wanted to take it one step further and have it decide their futures. I’m not quite sure what to make of their decision but at least it will make the decision completely unpredictable. *crosses fingers for Mutta and Serika*

I can’t help but feel sorry for Yasushi… He was the only one who bothered to record the statistics throughout the two weeks and must’ve known he was in dead last. It’s safe to say that if they left it up to a vote or ruling people out, Yasushi, Serika and Naoto wouldn’t become astronauts because of several factors; mainly their performance, age and goals as an astronaut.

All of the characters are so developed at this point I can’t help but wonder what they will do with them. I hope they don’t simply throw them away after this arc. Not only that, but it appears Kenji’s team has their own problem. Apparently some of the members have decided to still use the scoring system by rerecording all of the scores by memory. We can’t figure out if Kenji was at least in the top 2 until next week’s episode.

I’m kind of sad this arc is coming to a close. At least I’ll finally get my wish by seeing Serika and Mutta go on a date. ^w^


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