Rinne no Lagrange S2 Episode 7

A Vow to Kamogawa

Well, it can’t get any more perfect than this! Dizelmine and Vailajulio make up and everybody accepts their apology just like that. Even though lives were lost, the only consequence they face is getting punched in the stomach by a 17-year old girl. Furthermore, Madoka and her friends make a vow to never use the vox in battle again. Yeah, it’s a bit too perfect. The good thing is that this isn’t the end. Otherwise I’d be like “Eh, that’s it? Really?”

So it turns out that Astelia is Queen Maycun from 20,000 years ago, and she caused the first tragedy to occur. I don’t know if she’s immortal or a reincarnation or what. But how will that revelation be used for anything now that everybody’s on the same side? What could happen that would trigger the possibility of another tragedy? I have no idea what the finale has in store for us. New enemies appear? Or perhaps Madoka will use all her power to change planetary orbits? Nothing’s impossible anymore… xD

One more thing. Did Dizelmine say earlier that the collision of their planets wouldn’t happen for another millennium and that caused his thinking to go astray? That…doesn’t make much sense unless he thought there’d be no opportunities like Madoka’s power in the next thousand of years. But still… He sure jumped the gun. o_O Not that I’m taking this really seriously. I just have to pick on it sometimes!


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