Hunter x Hunter 44

Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle


What’s the timeslot for this show again? This ain’t a Saturday morning cartoon, is it?

Seems the Shadow Beasts were basically chumps in the end. But what a way to go for chumps. Uvogin’s handling of Worm was standard GAR, throwing out a meteor punch like it ain’t no thang. Sure, that’s pretty cool. His position as physically strongest certainly isn’t exaggerated, although the Shadows Beasts do manage to put up moderate resistance. Leech in particular gives off creepo vibes as he spews leeches into Uvogin’s open wound, courtesy of Rabid Dog, leading into a lovely explanation of how leech eggs laid in his bladder will soon hatch and head off to his urethra killing him with the sheer pain of it all.

Yet this is nothing to the currently half paralyzed monster man, as he simply takes a large bite out of Leech’s head, and just moments later spitting a hunk of that skull through Rabid Dog’s own cranium cradle. And to mess with the heads of these guys further, all it took was Uvo’s voice to turn Porcupine’s brain to mush. Not quite on the level as the skull munching, but still filled with extreme bodacity.

This is all fine and dandy, but the leeches within Uvogin’s body are a serious problem that needs to be handled post haste. And to add on top of that, somebody somewhere with a sharp distaste of spiders may have just seen the reveal of Uvogin’s spider tattoo. Well, Kurapika is all but ready to storm the spiders with A HEART OF RAGE, but Melody’s soothing tune manages to hold him back. He calms down, puts on a smile, and then opts for the much more level headed planned suicide. He even manages to recruit the rest of the Nostrade family bodyguards for the cause. Such a heart of rage athump thump thump whatever.

It does really speak measures of Kurapika’s conviction though, as he manages to “steal” Uvogin away from the other Troupers and we receive yet another lesson in Nen. Just as how you can set Nen to accomplish certain tasks, you can set certain restrictions upon Nen. With such restrictions in play, it becomes decidedly more difficult to utilize Nen. Ignoring self-imposed restrictions would lead to serious consequences on the Nen user, however the power of the abilities receive an equivalent boost. So what else would Kurapika do than place this restriction upon his Chain Jail (restraining middle finger is pretty apt) ability; to only use it on the Phantom Troupe and Phantom Troupe only, may his beating heart stop otherwise.

cuz. that’s totally what happens if he does anything else with it

And personally, that’s really awesome. Here we have a totally legitimate way Kurapika can combat the insanely brutal Phantom Troupe despite being a puny little weakling compared to them. It’s the type of balance where those lower in the ranks can actually match up against larger foes in a way that makes sense. For all intents and purposes, Kurapika is the ONLY natural enemy the Troupers have. Better yet, his existence is all thanks to them. Uvogin is seemingly helpless as the Nostrade bodyguards escape the scene. The remaining Troupe members manage to pursue them with Machi’s Nen thread, and for once the pressure is on them with Uvogin on the road to a leechy demise. Now if only any of them would act like it.


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