Space Brothers Episode 21

A Long Awaited Glimpse of the Sky

Leave it to Space Brothers to make us wait another week to figure out who the winners are. As soon as the episode started teasing us I figured they wouldn’t reveal who the winners were. I’m going to guess one is Serika since she seemed pretty happy this episode…. But maybe that was because she saw mutta (hehehe). It was pretty hilarious to see Mutta do his hair in a window then have Serika show up looking like trash.

Yasushi, along with Mutta, didn’t win in the rock-paper-scissors match. This episode we finally see some interesting back story. And it actually makes Yasushi a likeable character! I’m glad the show is finally showing the determination of the other members. I’ve went over this before but every single person who had made it as far as Mutta are just as determined as him. Apparently, he was too short to be able to fit in the astronaut suit… So I wonder why even bothered to apply.

I think the scene of Yasushi with the professor would have been a better flash back, since it didn’t make much sense for Yasushi to apply if he couldn’t be accepted. It was great to see some more development on his character, though. Too bad he wasn’t accepted. I doubt this will be the last time we’ll see him. His chemistry with Mutta was great.

Anyway, if anyone cares, this has entered my top 5. I haven’t had a similar feeling with a series since GTO. If I were to guess, the two applicants from Mutta’s team would be Nitta and Serika… Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I think. But what? Only one more applicant will be chosen? I’m kind of disappointed… Oh well, this show will find some way for Kenji and Mutta to become astronauts. I hope the show finds some way for everyone to become astronauts. Of course we can’t have that, though.


One thought on “Space Brothers Episode 21

  1. From my understanding, the new space suit created by Baba has already been adopted by NASA and they shortened the height requirement from 158 to 150cm. That’s why Furuya could take part in the selection exam.

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