Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 20

Return of the Gusha Puzzle

That was an interesting way to start the episode…we havn’t seen that since the scrolls in Series 1. Yet another rather messed up prediction of the future…I think this was the aftermath of Freecell’s awakening as a true Phi Brain, one that’s stronger than Kaito. So with Kaito knowing that Freecell’s stronger and that he’s found a very dangerous toy to play with, there’s one person left to turn to: Rook Banjo Crossfield.

One of the old Rook’s puzzles, the puzzles from when Rook was under the control of his ring and the ruthless head of the POG It’s a very fascinating puzzle, a maze complete with traps and malicious little titbits. But bod, that bit at the end was freaky. Freecell solved the Gusha puzzle before Kaito, and left his taunting remark at the end. Just what kind of person has Freecell turned into? Just who is Klondike, and what is he trying to get up to with Hoist? What has Freecell seen in Hoist? What’s the purpose of the memento that Nonoha’s carrying? I’m starting to worry that they aren’t going to wrap everything up here…


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