Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 2 Episode 21

The Sad Clown

Resuming from last week, what with the Gusha Puzzles, Kaito is still ploughing through them at a ridiculous pace. I don’t know if there’s that trademark “F” at the end of all of them, but one things for sure: Kaito’s back on the path to becoming a Phi Brain. Solving puzzles and accelerating his brain waves to a new high, well…the only difference is that he’s not wearing a ring anymore.

Freecell’s desertion of the Orpheus Order has caused  some problems, and now that someone’s messing with Mizerka and Doubt, after being spat at by Melancholy, the two arrive in front of Kaito and his friends for one last blaze of glory…one last puzzle to provide the ultimate data, with the ambition to transform their fakes into the real deal. With Kaito and Ana accepting their request to duel, it becomes very clear very quickly that the two are treating this as a suicide mission, without any care or consideration for their lives.

When everyone’s balancing on the beams, fighting for their lives, they start to enjoy the puzzle to it’s fullest, and it’s all over too soon…with the two rings shattering as they both truely gave up on their lives, that leaves Whist, Melancholy, Freecell and Klondike in the Order, with nothing about any of them becoming any clearer. Who is Klondike? Why is Melancholy special? With nothing answered and more questions posed, we march forward into the next episode, where i’ll imagine Freecell meets Klondike and has that special talk.


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