Sword Art Online Episode 7

The Hearts Heat

In every MMO and RPG, you have some people who choose to pursue a path which isn’t combat focused. You have the hunters, the looters, the shop owners and the craftsmen. This episode focused on Kirito hunting for a sword to beat his one, the Elucidator.Yet again, you see the amazing touch of realism and how the writer has really played MMO’s before, what with the requirements to forge swords needing rare metals and materials from legendary monsters. The only thing missing here was the requirement to steal the material from the rare monster xD

We havn’t seen a real fight scene for a very long time, though…it was really enjoyable to see Kirito thrashing the dragon…even if his new party member is just getting in the way. I mean, i’ve been playing a few RPGs lately, so I can really get the feeling and the ideas that went on in this episode. Hidden traps, rare materials, breathtaking surroundings and a hidden boss. The only part of this that wasn’t straight from an MMO was the romance aspect, with the craftsman finding comfort in Kirito’s warmth and protection. One ridiculously long quest later, and Kirito’s new sword, the Dark Repulser, is born. It was rather tragic to see the moment where Liz’s heart broke, but he kept the sword which she put everything into.

I just really hope that Kirito’s going to go back to get enhanced weapons and armour later…and I hope that the side stories end soon. They’re not bad or anything, but I want the main story back.


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